I love the collaboration of custom projects.

It's a great adventure to transform a client's vision into reality. Here you can see the progression of some projects.

Cabinet Mural

This project was designed to balance eye-popping color with a feeling of peacefulness into a client's kitchen. The mural was designed to wrap around the kitchen with a forest scene that complemented the great bay window. Due to previous work on the wood cabinets, the doors were removed and I was able to have all the doors in my studio.

forest mural on cabinets by Bender Originals

Wall Mural

This mural was painted at the entryway to a home. It was created with thick texture on the trees and bright colors to match the house color scheme. It's a warm, welcoming sight as people walk in and creates a fun atmosphere.

forest mural on wall by Bender Originals
Aspen tree mural by Bender Originals