It’s Halloween time. My favorite time of the year! Witches and pirates, pumpkins and cider, costumes and face paint. Especially face paint! How could Halloween not be my favorite holiday?

I love seeing all the face painting ideas people come up with. There are some truly talented artists out there dedicated to playing dress up. One of those artists is Lucia Pittalis. She has transformed herself into countless celebrities with her amazing makeup skills. Here’s an example, but you should really check out her whole body of work:

Lucia Pittalis- transformed into Rambo, Queen Elizabeth, and Walter White

Serbian artist Mirjana Kika Milosevic uses body paint to create astounding optical illusions. Here she is transforming herself into a wooden doll in a box:

And one more incredible woman, makeup artist Mimi Choi creates unsettling optical illusions that make her face seem like it’s unraveling.

Mimi Choi- makeup artistry

Truly impressive! I love having fun with face paint, but I usually stick to my children’s requests. Here’s a throwback to their past requests:

Hopefully this inspired you all to let loose and transform yourselves for the holiday. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have fun! Happy Halloween!


Marla Bender


Halloween is coming!
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