The times before the holidays are always a little crazy. We plan and rush and cross off items on our to do lists. We pack and repack, make more lists. We go over the details for family meals and sleep arrangements for guests. It’s a little overwhelming at times so I decided to slow down this week. I stopped planning and started drawing to get in the spirit of connecting with people at this time of year.

There is an organization called Send Kids the World that connects people with children fighting serious illnesses from all over the country. People can send postcards to the kids to cheer them up and let them know they care. For the price of a stamp I could spread some love. So I started making postcards and invited my kids to join me. We thought the kids could use a smile so we copied some jokes from the internet and we’ll write a personal message on the other side.

Here are some of the ones we’ll send out:


If you’d like to send postcards or letters to kids, seniors or military during the holidays (or all year long) here are some options:

I hope you’ll join me in spreading small acts of kindness this time of year!


Marla Bender

Artsy Acts of Kindness

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